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Emami Art

Emami Art, one of India’s most significant art galleries, is a key space for cultural production. Located in Kolkata, West Bengal, India, Emami Art is steadfast in advocating for modern, contemporary and historical material. Focusing on a future-forward, complex, multi-dimensional approach, the gallery creates dynamic, wide-ranging and diverse parallel programming. Our programmes include art fairs, museum projects, seminars, artists-in-residency, art awards, collaborations with institutions, public art projects, and more for emerging, mid-career, and established artists.

In addition to creating dynamic, wide-ranging registers of exhibition making and viewing, Emami Arts core programs include EA Locus in Focus - engagement with the region through ongoing short and long-term projects.  EA Hybrid - integrating the physical and virtual interfaces. EA Learning - mentorship programs, workshops, artist-in-residence opportunities, and innovative educational activities that facilitate artistic development, help build collaborative networks and provide a supportive environment for emerging talent. EA Discourse - Critical discourses, interactions, documentation and exchange, developing and producing original writing, artist’s books, monographs, periodicals and catalogues that focus on artistic, creative and pedagogical materials. EA Communicator - talks, seminars, panel discussions and conversations with artists, curators and key partners provides a space for critical engagement as part of our knowledge-making and archiving process.​

Committed to promoting a regional, national and international agenda through innovative and alternative programming, emphasis on community and socially relevant engagements and more via a multi-year vision for the future, Emami Art is resolute to be a catalyst of change, research, innovation and inclusivity.

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Emami Art is committed to the promotion of Indian art and young artists through numerous exhibitions, retrospectives, art catalogues and publications

Established itself as one of the finest venues in East India, dealing in works of both modern and contemporary art

Spread across 10,000 sq ft. the gallery collection includes paintings, sculptures, prints and drawings sourced from the artists themselves, or from reputed art galleries and private collectors