CSR Initiatives & Going Beyond Business

Going Beyond Business

Emami’s quest for inclusive growth

At Emami, the operative philosophy is that inclusive growth is not a destination but a journey. A journey made possible by the progressive engagement of all stakeholders in the developmental process. The Company strives to achieve sustainable development across the realms of education, health and livelihood and undertakes the bulk of its CSR activities in the hinterlands of its factories and offices across 11 states in the country including West Bengal, Assam and Rajasthan, among others. Emami Ltd’s CSR activities are carried out by Emami Ltd itself and also by Emami Foundation

Ethical corporate behavior forms the basis of our CSR initiative. Hunger, diseases and ignorance are still the burning issues of modern times, despite growth in science; government budgetary resources are inadequate to mitigate the sufferings. The corporate world cannot afford to remain sitting on the fence as mere onlooker when people are afflicted with hunger and malnutrition, diseases and physical infirmity and illiteracy. Emami has a long tradition in conducting philanthropic activities, supported by a professional outlook. An exercise is underway to integrate all such activities of Emami Group companies and Emami Foundation across healthcare, education, community development, women empowerment and livelihood creation.

  • Education & skill development
    Padho India Padho

    Recognizing the vital role that education plays in ushering socio-economic change, Emami’s CSR activities comprise innovative programmes. Apart from providing financial support to various educational and academic institutions, Emami Foundation supports poor meritorious students through scholarships, books and computers, among others. Stipends are provided to unfortunate and physically challenged students; coaching is offered to students at the primary education level. Emami Foundation and units also provide funds for school renovation and maintenance.

    Padhenge Hum Padhane Ke Liye

    This is a holistic development programme implemented in Hooghly district and Kolkata schools, covering teachers, students and their families in order to improve teaching conditions in schools

    The phased programme comprises workshops where teachers are introduced to new teaching methodologies, classroom management and child psychology basics to improve their teaching skills; students’ awareness programmes on the importance of discipline through counselling; and, finally family sensitisation drives under which family members are explained the value of education and the need for a congenial domestic environment for a child’s overall growth.

    Badhte Kadam

    In order to initiate livelihood different initiatives in Skill Development are set up by Emami in collaboration with NSDC offering certified courses by NSDC certified trainers on

    • Beautician
    • Retail management
    • Computer
    • Spoken English & Personality development
    • Apparel designing

    Emami also supports to support skill development institutes for their infrastructure development and also sponsors course fees of needy students admitted in different skill development courses

  • Healthcare

    Our different initiatives in Healthcare Sector are-

    to run Charitable clinics for non-invasive treatment for cardiac arterial blockage through ECP(Enhanced External Counter Pulsation) machines. Emami also organizes health camps to raise awareness regarding cardiac diseases.

    National Programme for prevention and Eradication of Heart Attack [NPPEHA] has been designed and implemented to make India free from deaths due to Heart Attack. This programme by Emami, educate, assess the present health conditions of our citizens and encourage them to restructure their life to avoid the risks of Cardio Vascular Diseases, Diabetics, Blood Pressure and Obesity. NPPEHA is a nationwide campaign in 3 phases where the plan is to visit large cities, towns, villages and even remote settlements to screen and educate a population of over 60 million on how to prevent and eradicate heart attack. Phase -1 was launched in Delhi on the occasion of World heart Day, Sept 29, 2016.In Kolkata the program was launched on 3rd November 23, 2016 at Hindusthan Club in presence of the Chairman Emami Limited Shri R S Agarwal.

    Emami also runs charitable clinics on acupuncture and dispensaries offering allopathic, homeopathic, ayurvedic, dental, gynecological and cardiac treatment. Emami regularly organizes eye checkup camps followed by cataract surgery in reputed hospital. Financial and medical assistance to impoverished patients and senior citizens suffering from chronic diseases are also provided by Emami Foundation. Emami also supports medical institutes for infrastructure development,


    Our different initiatives in Water & Sanitation Sector are-

    School sanitation Program where we provide

    • Provision of clean drinking water
    • Construction of toilets
    • Provision of running water in toilets

    Community Sanitation Program where we constructs toilets or pure drinking water sources in different under developed locations

  • Women’s Empowerment

    Emami Limited sponsors underprivileged girls from various parts of rural West Bengal. The fellowship programme enables them to rise to their potential through higher education and personalized guidance. Emami also provided infrastructural support to exclusively to girls school to encourage education in girl children

    Emami also gives awards to different women achieves from different walks of life on the occasion of Women’s day

  • Social Upliftment Programs

    To encourage the community occationally congregated for discourses are related how they can within their limited resourses can help in development of their community and society at large. Some of our other social initiatives undertaken by Emami are organizing Community Marriages, supporting Animal Protection programs; Food to Poor program and Disaster relief program